Statistics Department Work Flow Charts

Personnel Affairs - Workflow Charts

Academic Staff Appointment Procedures - Workflow Chart
Course Assignment - Workflow Chart
Faculty Boards - Workflow Chart
Term Extension - Workflow Chart
Resignation Procedures ( Retirement - Resignation - Transfer - Death ) - Workflow Chart
Various Articles on Assignment, Eligibility and Opinion - Workflow Chart
Various Petitions of Faculty Members - Workflow Chart
Official Cargoes - Workflow Chart
Domestic Temporary Assignment ( Congress, Seminar, etc.) - Workflow Chart
Temporary Assignment Abroad ( Congress, Seminar, etc.) - Work Flow Chart

Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences - Workflow Charts

Course Opening Process - Workflow Chart
Course Exemption and Adjustment Procedures ( Graduate ) - Workflow Chart
Preparation of Course Scorecards - Workflow Chart
Postgraduate Student Identity Delivery Process - Workflow Chart
Master and Doctorate Student Forms - Workflow Chart

Student Affairs - Workflow Charts

Course Exemption and Adjustment Procedures ( Undergraduate ) - Work Flow Chart
Preparation and Announcement of Course Schedules and Distributions - Workflow Charts
Vertical Migration Processes - Workflow Charts
Horizontal Transfer Processes - Work Flow Charts
Identifying and Notifying a Student Advisor - Workflow Charts
Collection of Exam Documents - Workflow Charts
Announcement of Exam Programs ( Make - up Exam, Single Course Exam ) - Workflow Charts
Objections to Exam Results and Evaluation Process - Work Flow Charts

Accounting Unit - Workflow Charts

Preparation of Course Scorecards ( Accounting ) - Work Flow Chart
Additional Course Payments (Exam Payments) - Workflow Chart
Goods Declaration Transactions - Work Flow Chart


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