Scientific Preparation Program

As stated in the graduate application conditions of our department, we apply the Scientific Preparation Program to our students who graduate from departments other than the Department of Statistics in the transition to the Graduate Program of our Department. In this context, our department students who are accepted to graduate programs are required to take the undergraduate program courses of our Department, which are given in the following table in our Scientific Preparation Program, and to be successful in their respective semesters.

The duration determined for the Scientific Preparation Program is two semesters at most.

Scientific Preparation Program students can take at most two courses from the Master's Program if they wish.

In order for our Scientific Preparation Program students to enroll in the program, they must fill in the form given in the link below and send it to the Head of the Department immediately by hand or by e-mail (

Gazi University Institute of Science and Technology Student Forms

If the courses in the Scientific Preparation Program were taken in the previous Undergraduate Program, the transcript and the relevant course contents should be submitted with the Scientific Preparation Program Course Registration Form for exemption from these courses. The exemption status is evaluated by the Department of Graduate Education Commission (Graduate E. K.).

Scientific preparation courses cannot be substituted for courses required to complete the relevant graduate program.


Fall Semester Spring Semester
IST 2005 Istatistik III IST 2006 Yöneylem Araştırması I
IST 2001 Matematiksel Istatistik I IST 3002 Regresyon Analizi
IST 4001 Çok Değişkenli Istatistik IST 2002 Matematiksel Istatistik II
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