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Statistics Department Our Policies


Education and Training Policy of the Department of Statistics

* To train statisticians who have absorbed theoretical and applied knowledge in the field of statistics, can make scientific interpretations using the information they have, have a research spirit, question, research, follow the current world, and have innovative and entrepreneurial skills

* Contributing to increase the welfare of the society by educating qualified graduates at undergraduate / graduate level,

* To carry out educational objectives at the highest level,

* To encourage R&D activities and to open areas where they can transform their professional knowledge into skills in both undergraduate and graduate education.


Department of Statistics Internationalization Policy

* Being an internationally recognized department preferred by international students,

* To provide student mobility to share cultural, social and learning approaches with world students, especially in Asia and Europe,

* To increase the recognition of our country, our university and our department by exchanging faculty members with other universities abroad,

* To increase the number of students and faculty members in programs such as Erasmus, Mevlana exchange program.


Department of Statistics Quality Assurance Policy

* As Gazi University Faculty of Science, Department of Statistics, taking strength from our history and civilization, adopting national and international recognition and prestige,

* Aiming for continuous improvement in order to achieve quality in students, faculty members and programs, which are the most important inputs of education,

* To train respected statisticians who are capable of generating solutions in the face of problems, who are capable of analytical thinking, who are prone to interdisciplinary studies and who adopt scientific skepticism as a principle in order to reach our country's priorities.

* To produce and share knowledge of universal quality in current scientific fields of study,

* To comply with the terms of total quality management and to ensure the satisfaction of the institutions where our graduates work by ensuring continuous improvement.


Department of Statistics Research Policy

In the Department of Statistics, which serves to raise qualified statisticians who are needed in the world and in our country, who are capable of producing solutions to social needs, who know the interdisciplinary perspective and who can interpret this information, who can take part in innovative and pioneering research at national and international level, within the framework of undergraduate education, many The importance of research in science in the course has been given by both theoretical and applied courses from the first year. In addition, information about how to solve a real problem, how to find information, how to do research, which resources should be scanned and how to write this information are conveyed both theoretically and practically within the scope of the research project courses.

* To be able to make researches by using all the facilities in our department under the leadership of our faculty members in 6 different departments,

* In undergraduate and graduate education, BAP, KOSGEB, TÜBİTAK etc. It is to increase the number and quality of researches conducted jointly with institutions such as universities and other YÖK institutions.

Department of Statistics Social Contribution Policy

* The Department of Statistics, which has an important place among all sciences, which the country and the world need, provides education and training at undergraduate and graduate levels.

* In addition to training statisticians, contributing to the solution of social problems by making researches in the fields of data science, data mining, big data and data analytics,

* To benefit science, humanity and our country by constantly encouraging academicians and research teams in order to ensure that research and development activities can be transformed into social contribution,

* To contribute to the maintenance and increase of the level, welfare and health of the society by raising individuals with scientific and technical background.


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