Teaching Aims and Achievements

Department of Statistics Teaching Aims and Achievements

To gain the basic statistics, mathematics and computer infrastructure required for statistical science
To gain theoretical knowledge of statistics and the ability to apply this knowledge to problems.
To gain the ability to use information technologies, programming and software tools effectively in the field of statistics
Contributing to interdisciplinary studies with national and international stakeholders (such as finance, economics, econometrics, banking, actuary, insurance, research and development, informatics, transportation, data science, computer and software) with statistical information and interpretation
To raise graduates who are aware of professional ethics and responsibility in collecting and interpreting data related to the fields of science where statistics are used, respectful to cultural and humanitarian values, and sensitive to society.
To train graduates who can conduct research as a team member or independently and present the statistical findings related to the problem area orally and in writing.
To gain analytical thinking skills
To raise individuals who have the ability to understand and evaluate issues related to social, sports, art, health and environmental awareness.
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