Presentation of the Department of Statistics

Gazi University Department of Statistics is one of the statistics departments with the largest staff in Turkey in terms of the number of faculty members. The staff of the department consists of 12 Professors, 6 Associate Professors, 4 Doctor Lecturers and a total of 15 Research Assistants. It has an important teaching and research potential with this staff. In the department, in addition to the undergraduate education in Statistics, Master and Doctorate education in the Department of Statistics of the Institute of Science is also provided. The undergraduate education period is 4 years, with the language of instruction being Turkish.

Gazi University Statistics Department ranks first among the statistics departments preferred by the candidates in the university entrance exams. An average of 90 undergraduate students are admitted each year. In order for our students to graduate, they are required to take a total of 240 ECTS courses.

Practical studies related to the lessons are carried out in two laboratories with a computer for each student. Laboratories are used for statistical application purposes as well as computer programming courses. Particularly, elective courses are determined from a wide range from economics to environmental sciences and it is aimed to contribute to the interdisciplinary application vision of the students.

Candidates who apply to the graduate program are selected by scoring according to various criteria and by a selection examination.